Opening a Garage Door With Erlang... and a Motorcycle?

I ride a motorcycle. It's great except for when it comes to the little things that most cagers (people who ride in cars) take for granted. Take for example the simple problem of opening your garage door when you come home. You just clip your clicker onto your sun visor and never think about it again. But if you ride a motorcycle things aren't so easy. In the best case you can throw a clicker in your bag but you'll have to fumble with it when you get home and try to get at it with your gloves on. Worst case you just get off your bike, open the door, ride the bike in.

Kind of a pain.

While riding around one day I got the idea for a garage door opener which could work based only on the sound of my motorcycle's horn. Even cooler, I built it in Erlang. I just finished my first prototype of the system and thought I'd share a little video that shows the device in action and even gives you a peek behind the scenes of how it all works. I'll be posting more pictures here, but for now, check out the video!